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Acupuncture is the process of inserting single-use filiform needles into tissues of the body to elicit both local and systemic changes. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine methodology this is done through the 6 Functions of Qi, and the Dynamic of Yin and Yang. Acupuncture is based around a principle of syndrome differentiation and pattern recognition, which means that the treatments for two people with the same symptomology may be entirely different depending on the reason why this patient is seeking out treatment.

From a Western Medical sense, Acupuncture needles stimulate a special tissue called fascia. Fascia is found throughout the body and can alter the tensegrity of the body and can account for the adaptations that the body makes when exposed to a treatment. 

Acupuncture has the capability to treat a wide range of conditions; however, it is important to know that in the case of serious medical conditions that Acupuncture cannot be the primary treatment method and other referrals must be in place. For instance, if a patient undergoing Chemotherapy, this situation needs to have the support of a specifically trained medical professional; however, Acupuncture can still be a beneficial treatment to manage side effects of treatment, calming the emotions, help with circulation/sleep/healing, and other aspects of support.


Initial Acupuncture Treatment

This treatment is designed for a first time patient, or when there is a new chief complaint. This extended time allows for more questioning and diagnostic tools to be used. Treatment is also done in this session.

Cost: $110 for 75 minute session


Needle Free Acupuncture

Want to try Acupuncture, but don't want the needles? This treatment will utilise ancillary modalities included but not limited to: Cupping, Gua Sha, myofascial release, and Tui Na. 

Cost: $110 for 60 minute session

        $60 for 30 minute session

Acupuncture Follow Up

This treatment is designed for subsequent appointments after the initial session. Reassessments, check in on take home exercises, or further diagnostic procedures may be preformed in addition to treatment. Often you will book this session at the end of your previous treatment.

Cost: $100 for 60 minute session


Movement Screen

In this session, the patient will be asked to do a variety of movements and activities that will create an tool to assess dysfunction, possibility of injury, and any areas of concern. There will be some advice about activity modification as well as take home exercises for strengthening, mobilizing, and enhancing function. This service is not billable to Health Insurance.

Cost: $60 for 60 minute treatment

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