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What to expect from a treatment?

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

There is a famous Chinese saying related to Acupuncture that goes along the line of "If you stand a pole in the ground, you should be able to immediately see its shadow". The Chinese love metaphors and images, but we can understand here that to some ancient Acupuncturists they wanted to notice that the needle that was inserted had an affect.

This DOES NOT mean that you can expect or anticipate that your problem is "cured" after one treatment. The goal and intention is that we see some form of change or development to the issue. This may be a movement of pain, change in quality of discomfort, a shift in sleep, diet, or emotions.

Acupuncture is an individualized, pattern-based treatment method. At Eng's Acupuncture, we will discuss a course of treatments, expected prognosis, and also give you exercises and lifestyle habits that will assist in the efficacy of your visits.

When you come to Acupuncture treatment, there will be a period of questioning and interviews that will consist of anything from Digestion to Sleep and Bowel Movements to Palliative/Provocative Activities. This will be followed by Palpation, Functional Testing (such as Orthopedic Tests, PROM, etc.), and Pulse Reading.

The treatment will usually consist of Needling, but may feature one or more of the Ancillary methods that we have in Acupuncture. Patients may be prone, supine, or recumbent to recieve their treatment. At Eng's Acupuncture, we feel like using manual pressure and presence can be an effective healing tool and we spend a large duration of treatments in the room with the patient in most, but not all, cirumstances.

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